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SipMilwaukee Brewery Trail

Organized by SipAround (Details Below)

Cost: $29.99

Trail Value: $97

Welcome to the SipMilwaukee Brewery Trail! Included are deals ($97+ value) at 15 Milwaukee breweries plus a sample deal for you to practice redeeming. Your Trail is sent to your email. Be safe & enjoy!

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Valid Date Range: October 23, 2020 to October 31, 2021

List of deals on this Promotion Trail:
SipMilwaukee Sample Deal at SipAround
BOGO Pint at Component Brewing Company
BOGO Pint at Dead Bird Brewing
BOGO Pint at The Explorium Brewpub
BOGO Pint at Gathering Place Brewing Company
BOGO Faklandia Pint at Faklandia Brewing
BOGO Beer of the Week at Indeed Brewing Company
BOGO Pint at Milwaukee Brewing Company
BOGO Pint at MobCraft Beer
BOGO Pint at New Barons Brewing Cooperative
BOGO Beer at Raised Grain Brewing Company
BOGO Full Pour at Sahale Ale Works
BOGO Pint at Stock House Brewing Co.
BOGO Pint at Third Space Brewing
BOGO Pint at Lakefront Brewery
BOGO Pint at The Fermentorium